View Full Version : reading meet????

dark stranger
08-02-06, 14:04
when is that reading meet??? anyone going????

08-02-06, 14:09
Well i hear that the Reading meets are back on and the first is tomorrow being the 2nd Thursday of the month. I would go but made other arrangments now.

dark stranger
08-02-06, 14:46
cant be the first ....there was one last month.....just could'nt remember what night it was on

08-02-06, 16:08
Did you go to it Andy? I thought that it was advertised by someone who hadn't got the proper permission for it etc.... and didn't go :(

dark stranger
08-02-06, 16:16
yes james i went......it was a bit quiet but a few diff cars there....bloody freezin...might get better as it warms up tho.....and apparently the chav element arrives if you stay late ....but i would go again

dark stranger
09-02-06, 12:57
so is anyone up for this tonight ......or am i doing a solo run:)

dark stranger
09-02-06, 14:59
solo it is then:tumble:

09-02-06, 22:16
I would have gone but my flight got delayed.... 3 hrs stuck in Amsterdam, the eye candy was nice so it wasn't all bad :)