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29-01-06, 16:30
Hey fellas i'm a proud owner of a J-spec 95 hard top TT 6sp Supra and i would like to know a couple a things about it like what type of diff oil and such... right now it has full adjustable suspension, greddy 3 core intercooler, blitz intake filter, full 3 inch exhaust from manifold back, also the car has a super afc II and a AVCR which i think is missing the pressure sensor or i don't have a clue where it would be located the boost is supose to be set at 1.2 bar and its been tune "from tune i mean the fuel" but i simply love the car but not very fimiliar with all of its capabilities and i'm trying to get the most out of the car before i move on... any little bit would help thanks guys :sos:

superstar dj
29-01-06, 16:43
Hello and welcome mate, enjoy your new found love, wheres the pics thou?

29-01-06, 16:51
Congrats on ur purchase - enjoy ur driving

29-01-06, 17:48
:welcome: mate! im sure that if you do a search you'll find loads of answers, they are quite popular questions. Im sure you'll enjoy your supe

29-01-06, 18:34
Get some pics up! with some stunning sceneary of Okinawa too if possible!, I hope to visit soon!

29-01-06, 18:39
Hi amd welcome fellow owner ! Hows the weather over there ?


29-01-06, 18:42
Welcome! enjoy the car :)

30-01-06, 04:01
Yeah the car is truly awesome i love it.... the weather right now is kind of crappy it's raining or cloudy almost everyday but i will make sure to take some good pics to post up....so for now i'm enjoying the rain and going sideways :ecstatic: never had a car that would spin in 5th :ecstatic: but yeah if you guys ever visit be sure to stop by kadena the only white tt 6sp there so far there's a blue and black one there that are also 6spd beautiful cars so give me a hollar when you guys come down :zen:

30-01-06, 09:43
Welcome :)

30-01-06, 10:35
:welcome: mate....



30-01-06, 11:21
:welcome: mate. Enjoy the beast.:ecstatic:

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30-01-06, 13:37
Hello & Welcome :)
Get those pics up.:thumbs:

30-01-06, 14:27
Welcome to the club mate...Looking forward to seeing the pics :D

I remember that Mr Miagi was from Okinawa (RIP) ... :(

30-01-06, 14:30
hey welcome mate:welcome:

the beast sounds nice :respekt:

black cat
30-01-06, 14:31
hi mate

31-01-06, 19:54
Hello and welcome to the forum!!!!!:D

31-01-06, 20:03
Hello :cool:

31-01-06, 21:40
welcome:) waiting for pics