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27-07-01, 10:04
I've heard about these oil resevoirs for the turbo's to protect them on shut down. As they retain oil to slowly bleed through the the turbo's when the engine has stopped running.

Far enough me thinks - but has anyone got one and used such a system?
Who makes em?? and of course how much?


27-07-01, 10:09
Anyone got an anti-lag system installed?  ;)

27-07-01, 10:16
Oi! Get your own thread... don't be diverting my thread on to a different subject.

Geezzzz does anybody have any manners around here ;)

Ian C
27-07-01, 10:41
I asked about such a system once because I thought it was the usual Max Power load of sh1te, but apparently they are really useful for race cars etc where they may have to switch the engine off immediately.  I don't know anyone with one fitted, though.

As for anti-lag, don't go there!  They reduce the lifespan of turbo, exhaust, and manifold considerably.  Not a problem for a rally car, but your Supra won't be happy!


27-07-01, 10:49
It was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek! I didn't even realise they were road legal!

Can you imagine driving behind one, the exhaust farting flames all over you?

27-07-01, 13:12
Skylines and Supras can be set up to shoot flames out the exhaust. Mine does it one really heavy overrun, but then I dont have any cats, a 3" diameter downpipe and a Blitz Nur Spec exhaust which is pretty much a straight through unit.