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06-01-06, 07:37
Thought I'd just say a quick hello to everyone on here,

I've just started the long road of saving for a supra TT (hopefully looking to buy around june time). I've found this to be a great site with invaluable information and lots of knowledgable people,

Just thought I'd show me face and apologise in advance for the many stupid questions I'm bound to ask! :yes:

cheers, Tony :thumbs:

06-01-06, 07:45

06-01-06, 07:46
Hello and :welcome:

Good luck with the penny saving. It will be worth it. :yes:

06-01-06, 08:32

06-01-06, 08:42
You can buy mine if you want! :(

Welcome BTW.

06-01-06, 09:09
You can buy mine if you want! :(

Looks like a beauty, if it's still available in a few months I could well be interested! :yes:

Hi to all so far!

Terry S
06-01-06, 09:12
Welcome :thumbs:

Clarkey Sparkey is very near you, maybe worth hooking up with him to discuss any pitfalls of the MKIV world.

06-01-06, 09:17
Hello and Welcome! :D

Remember, if you need a question answered quickly, the Search button is your best friend!

Good luck with the Supra saving...

black cat
06-01-06, 09:18
hi:) :)

06-01-06, 22:11
Another Oxfordshire lad :thumbs: :welcome: I can give you a demo in my car if you'd like and hopefully answer some of your questions .. as long as they're not too technie as my techie knowledge is abit limited .. lol :)

06-01-06, 22:13
Welcome friend.

06-01-06, 22:14
Welcome buddy :cool:

Green Peace
06-01-06, 22:17
Hiya Tony...welcome to the greatest soap on Earth with more storylines than Corrie!
:help: ;)

06-01-06, 23:13
Hello Tone from Witney


From Tony from Witney :thumbs:

07-01-06, 02:26
Welcome ;)

07-01-06, 08:24
Cheers for the welcome boys and girls :thanks:

Clarkey, would love a ride in your supe if that's ok, will PM ya!

Didn't realise there were so many supras in witney, might have to have a re-think if they're getting a bit common, lol :)