View Full Version : Top speed on Standard Supra?

27-09-01, 10:21

Quick question for the people in the knowledge, what is the top speed for the STANDARD UK spec Twin-Turbo 6-speed Supra MKiv if it didn't have the 156mph limiter on it?


27-09-01, 10:35
About 180mph is all you'll see out of a stock 6-speed. But the gearing is good for 196mph I believe...if you raise the rev limit you can go over 200mph

27-09-01, 10:36

I have read that Toyota have stated 169 mph.

I have no reason to dispute this figure ;)

27-09-01, 11:39
I agree with Gavin.
About 168 or 169mph.

no more than that.

27-09-01, 13:32
I was meaning with a very long run up!

27-09-01, 14:21
Quote: from Alex Holdroyd on 12:32 pm on Sep. 27, 2001[br]I was meaning with a very long run up!

I'm not sure why driving the car for five miles or fifty miles should make it go any faster.

Considering that speedo error is going to blur the whole issue anyway you could take a figure between 169mph and 196mph, it would be tricky to dispute.

Paul Booth
27-09-01, 14:27
Who wants to go that fast anyway? I get the heebie jeebies at 140MPH, thank you very much. :)

27-09-01, 14:27
I don't know, but if my car was in America I'm sure it'd do around 300mph and have at least 50bhp more than it does here....


27-09-01, 21:40
I know you asked for UK spec but for your info I had my Jap spec TT well off the clock when it was bog standard.  If there were markings there the speedo would have read 185mph...of course this is probably a true 170mph or so.

Modded it just gets there quicker....

Syed Shah
28-09-01, 00:23
I read that the UK car can do 185mph unlimited, it certainly does pull hard at 140+ :o