View Full Version : rear tinted light covers

08-11-05, 21:41
can you still get these paul???

Paul Whiffin
09-11-05, 21:05
Certainly can, there on my website here http://www.whifbitz.co.uk/supra-bodykitsothers.htm

09-11-05, 21:46
cheers Paul i did see them on your website but had heard a rummor that they were no longer available???

Do they in any way stick out further than the orginal lights?

Fancy doing a group buy on them????

Paul Whiffin
10-11-05, 08:36
I'll find out for sure ASAP.

They are only thin so dont protrude much nope.

Of course yes.

Paul Whiffin
10-11-05, 09:26
They've stopped making them!

10-11-05, 15:14
ohhhhhhhhhhh bugger