View Full Version : Can you extend the Battery leads or replace them ?

26-10-05, 20:14
I need to replace a battery in another car and Halfords nor Bosch seem to list the Make/Model and I'm buggered if I'm paying 158 + Vat dealer price.

So, I took the external diamensions and power rating and found a suitable one in Halfords, except that the terminals are at the front of the battery when the need to be at the back - I'm like 2" short on the cable length.

I will be looking in detail at the Bosch range but, suspect I might come up against the same issue....

So, can you extend the cable length or is it better to replace them ?

I'm not sure if it's actually possible to replace them ?

[This way in future I can buy my battery from any source and not get stung by dealer prices....:D ]

26-10-05, 21:35
I'm sure you can replace/extend them.I've seen a pic of someones engine bay on here showing different leads from standard.I had the same problem and just turned my battery[Exide Maxxima DC] the other way round.now I remember ,it was one of the cars from the J-Tuner Supra Shootout.Can't remember which issue mate.

10-11-05, 18:55
What on earth has a battery costing that much?

12-11-05, 00:39
Chrysler Grand Voyager - It has electric sliding doors/tailgate from the keyfob and around 15 internal lights that come on when any of the door open so, a big drain on the battery as the engine is not running. I got a replacement from the AA (650 CCA/75Ah) in the end as they came out and reset my alarm since Chrysler would not give me these basic "tips" out to me! I paid below 100 for it as I needed it there and then - now I can get the terminal extended/replaced for next time and by a Halfrauds battery. The AA one came with a 3yr G/tee :)