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03-10-05, 00:40
Just letting you know of my dealings with them.

Had a re-quote for this year from Bell Direct... The misses and I insured came to 740.

Thought I would try this Sky Insurance place, with just me on the policy. Answer I got was "Well, that quote you have seems very good, let me speak with the underwriters and get back to you in 5 minutes..." Heard nothing since.

That was a few days ago, seems they arnt the best on price and the feeleing I got from them was that their quote was not even going to be close to the Bell Direct quote.

Both policys are with the car being marked as modified..

03-10-05, 01:20
Sky where rubbish for me as well, called them up and they said 2500ish
ended up with lancaster for 1100ish and thats a 21yr old 0 ncb and one write off.

03-10-05, 06:25
they told me that UK specs are actually RZ's. thats then i walked away :rtfm:

Dale B
03-10-05, 07:26
Did you Guys speak to either Jae or Scott .. theyre the two that deal with this club and more importantly know Supras. They were brilliant with me, got me the best quote (fully declared and fixed valuation) and also didnt charge when I went from Hybrids to Single ... top blokes :yes:

Steve W
03-10-05, 07:44
I KNOW Scott was on holiday last week 'cos i got some woman who.....err..
...wasn't quite with it ! ! !

Scott knew SZ's etc.

The only fault SO far is i'm still waiting from 3 1/2 weeks ago for documents
IN FACT they've just issued me a SECOND Cover Note which seems a tad
pessimistic :(
(the 'woman' said 3-4 weeks is quite normal ?? but i've never had to wait
THAT long before, normally 2 days - 1 week ! ! !)


03-10-05, 07:54
I also had a quote of 2500 for a SZ with lancaster too for 900 fully comp (21, 2 years NCB)

03-10-05, 08:11
You guys who have had a cheaper quote, i would ask your insurers how much they would pay out if you wrote the car off?

I was with tesco and all declared as modified and i was paying a much higher premium for the priviledge, but they were cheaper than sky. I asked the above question and they said they would only pay out 6k maximum so that made my mind up right away and went to sky who agreed 15k at a 200 a year more than tesco!


03-10-05, 08:19
i found sky insurance superb 26 5 years ncb norich union 1200 sky 560!!!!! :thumbs:

03-10-05, 08:30
Im paying over 3x that!! :scare:

I suppose parking on the road and living in a council estate doesnt help :violin: :(

03-10-05, 08:31
Sky plucked a number out the air for me (around the 2500 mark) without knowing anything apart from the fact I was 23 and had a Supra. No taa

03-10-05, 08:36
Id be annoyed if that was the case as usually i shop around everyone for a quote and i only went to sky as the club recomended them and said they were cheaper etc :eek:

I have had a good experience with them but im not liking what im hearing about them so when its up for renewal i might do a bit of shopping around...

03-10-05, 08:51
They were excellent for me, saved about 600 on my renewal quote from Tesco. As far as I can see like any insurance company its down to your personal circumstances and their policies.
Personally I think anyone is daft not to shop around. An insurer will cover the masses, but there will always be people outside the criteria they can cater for.

03-10-05, 09:31
They were crap for me :(

its either there great or there crap

03-10-05, 09:34
Didnt really save a lot of money by going Sky, however the policy is a lot better, got my car insured for a fixe value - mod decalred, etc.

03-10-05, 10:40
gotta say i spoke to Scott and Jae, and they sorted me out really well, and with a 2nd car on the insurance too. the next cheapest was Admiral.

03-10-05, 10:47
Brilliant for me too. Just because they offer specialist policies doesn't mean they will cover anyone driving anything, if you're a high risk you're a high risk I suppose!

03-10-05, 10:48
I spoke to Scott and he seemed to know supra's inside out..... but I really think that anyone under 25 is going to struggle, 2500 seems to be their "go away and stop bothering us" figure.

That said I'll definately be going back to them in a year or so's time, seems that for the over 25's they're quite good.

03-10-05, 10:56
On the subject of insurance, what's the deal with Bell not covering the SZ manual? They say "we can cover the automatic import but not the manual"! Anybody else had the same problems, or managed to get cover with them??? :shrug:

Ian R
03-10-05, 11:00
I will be using them in October quoted me 200 less than anyone else :respekt:

03-10-05, 12:31
I found them good - 396 fully comp, all mods declared, agreed value policy :)

03-10-05, 12:54
wouldnt insure me. am 20 though lol. ended up with elephant

03-10-05, 13:49
They were good for me too. Like any insurance company though they simply wont be good for every member its just not possible.

Mattsz I have to say I'm surprised Lancaster quoted you 1100! Only 21 no NCB an import and a write off that has to be the every tick in the how to demand a huge premium book.

03-10-05, 19:04
I've been with Bell for over four years now on the Supra and the price keeps dropping year on year. Now at about 360 comp/protected.

03-10-05, 19:13
It might be worth me mentioning that when I spoke to Jae he mentioned that they don't usually cover Supras, unless they come through the club. That might explain why some of you are getting astronomic quotes.

SupraDibbs: you got a quote of 1200 through Norwich Union :Pling: They quoted me 1900 before I mentioned any mods 29 6yrs noclaims, they said if I was 30 it would have dropped by 500 quid :swear:


03-10-05, 21:17
I rang up a few times asking to speak to Scott or Jae, was told each time they'd ring me back....that was 2 months ago! :thumbdown: Didn't even get to start a quote with them, not gonna bother if they're sayin UK cars are RZs etc