View Full Version : Help designing custom bonnet

28-08-05, 16:40
Right oweing to all the polished bits under my bonnet already and now fitting hybrids and running even more boost i thought i best find a way of getting rid of some off that hot air, of course buy a after market bonnet simple wrong i have had a ab flug bonnet was never really that happy with the fit i love the t/s one but so many people have it now and the trial is big bucks as is the jun so i need to make my own :clap:

What i want to do i cut some vents into the bonnet and maybe some louvers so iam after some help from u photoshop gurus but any suggestion gratefully recieved heres some pics

heres where i was thinking of having some trd style but longer cutting out the whole area between the reinforcing bars iam sure i have seen it on a supe before but cant think where

Cheers in advance :thumbs:

28-08-05, 16:51
I was playing with the idea of designing a vented bonnet myself. I give it a go, see if it'll be any good...