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27-08-05, 19:43

I have here a nice shiny new double de-cat pipe and restrictor waiting to go on my car :D

I'd obviously like to get this fitted asap but I'm a tad low on spare funds. I'm wondering if I'm going to hit fuel cut with the extra boost and if I do what I could do about it. I could spend £70 on a vfcd as a temporary measure, but then thatís £70 wasted that could better be spent on an Emanage ultimate (which can also do fuel cut and is what I _really_ want).

So here are my options:

Leave it for now and wait until I have the spare cash for the Emanage
Fit exhaust and risk it, drive carefully if it happens
Fit exhaust, fit VFCD temporarily if required (£70 is more affordable)
Fit exhaust, beg/borrow/steal money for a Emanage Ultimate

You might well all say the last option, suppose I need to consider that my j-spec fuel pump might also be a weak link?

Any opinions or ideas?

27-08-05, 19:50
I'd go the 3rd option because you're going BPU .. then imo eManage would be overkill.

If you're going to upgrade your turbo's, in the not-so-distant future, then sell your FCD then eManage it.

And a Walbro

27-08-05, 19:51
try and buy a second hand fcd then sell it once you can afford the emange thus costing you nothing in the short term

27-08-05, 20:40
Ok thanks for the advice, I think I'm tending to agree with you now, it makes a lot of sense really. I was getting caught up in the bling of the emanage lol

Think the plan is now:

Get the exhaust fitted
Fit a VFCD if required
Fit UK spec brakes
Fit a Walbro fuel pump and FPR
Then think about the emanage, wideband etc

think this is the best route, Wayne, when would you be available to fit the exhaust? I'm tempted to have a go on Monday myself but without a pit/ramp it's probably going to be a PITA lol

28-08-05, 00:03
don't forget you will defo need a restrictor ring since you've got a J-spec.
Where is your double-decat pipe from? Is it an eBay one?

28-08-05, 00:58
I was getting caught up in the bling of the emanage lol

It's not bling it's power :devil:

The EMU (or other similar fuel controller) is an important and VERY worth while mod on a BPU Supra IMO. I do agree though, that for the moment your best option would be to fit the FCD and fuel pump first and keep the boost levels sensible (1-1.1 bar). Once you can afford (including proper mapping and dyno time) sell the FCD and fit the EMU.

On my own car (running stock blowers) the emanage was a very necessary mod, as I was running dangerously high EGT's at 1.2bar without it, so had tou keep to 1bar max. The emanage (original) made a very big difference to performance once fitted, going from around 370hp without at 1bar, to 430hp with at 1.2bar.

28-08-05, 11:08
It's from Paul Wiffin, a two part 2.5" pipe with a suitable restrictor ring that should keep the boost below 1.2 bar - has the o2 sensor fitting for when I fit a wideband :)

True it's not really bling, just perhaps not essential right now. I totally agree with you and my plan is to get the emanage on there at some point soon :)

Sounds like I should get an EGT gauge fitted sooner than later then to keep checks on things?

I look forward to the stage when it's all been mapped and dyno'd, just need to get there incrementally at the moment unless I find a spare money tree or get a pay rise lol

thanks for all the help :)

28-08-05, 11:39
I think you're right in the way you are doing it, the important thing is that if you are upping the boost then you can monitor what is going on ie, boost levels, exhaust temps, A/F etc.. The EGT and boost gauge will help and a dyno run to check fueling would be very worth while.

28-08-05, 13:03
It's not bling it's power :devil:

The EMU is an important and VERY worth while mod on a BPU Supra IMO

an Emu?

how will that help?

28-08-05, 17:14
lol haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahah

got me in tears!!

28-08-05, 20:38
an Emu?

how will that help?

:repost: see Greedy EMU HERE

28-08-05, 21:46
:repost: see Greedy EMU HERE

hell, i still laughed - it was a BIT funny tho Nic, even you gotta admit!!!