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27-08-05, 16:33
Took my Supra down to a rolling road today, who unfortunately couldnt keep the auto in 3rd gear, and it kept kicking down. I got 292bhp from 'half-a-dyno', have a look at the graph below and see if it shows that the car would make above 320bhp @ the fly if it was dyno'd correctly?

Any ideas on what power i should have made by that graph?

27-08-05, 16:36
oh and im BPU, 1 bar boost, no FMIC

27-08-05, 17:43
im probably wrong in saying this but when you go bpu isnt it meant to bring up to between 350-400 bhp?

27-08-05, 17:45
BPU is such a varied 'spec' But yes, from a stock 320 ish figure to anywhere up to 450 depending on the mods.

27-08-05, 17:47
right ok,so, if im running 300bhp and im going bpu (fcd/sparks/full decat/restrictor ring) what figure do you think i will be looking at after these mods?

27-08-05, 17:59
Depends on what fuel/boost you're running with, restrictor ring will restrict to 1.2 bar right? Should be around the 400's if you can keep air temps down etc :)

27-08-05, 18:02
lovely jubbly, is that carrera 4s/rs6 beatable?

27-08-05, 18:04
dont know about off the lights but rolling start my money would be on the soop, how big a margin i dont know?????

27-08-05, 18:04
lovely jubbly, is that carrera 4s/rs6 beatable?

I beat the Carrera 4s the other night. No worries

27-08-05, 22:06
it's threads like this that make me want to go BPU ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm trying to be sensible and wait till i've saved for this mod but you guys make it real hard not to do it sooner!

i had the same prob Hadyn when i had mine on the rollers - they claimed i hit 334BHP with an Apexi induction kit & uprated exhaust but they also claimed 430lb/ft of torque as No.2 came on song, which apparently is quite unrealistical

i guess what i'm saying is your score is going to vary each place you go so unless you're going to get stuff setup such as fuelling etc it's probably just going to annoy you! i've recently got one of those G Tech Pro meters that claim to accurately measure your BHP, 0-60, 60-0, Gs, 1/4 mile times etc, so then i've got something that can hopefully give me consistent scores whenever i want & i can compare my times etc after each modification or in different conditions etc

paul mac
27-08-05, 22:51
if i were you i'de specifically tell them its an auto if you do this again and when they start uming and arring just walk away, when mine went to THOR it never came up in the conversation it was an auto and never presented a problem, i guess it comes down to the operators knowing what there doing

27-08-05, 23:59
Thor don't have the problem of the tyres slipping on the rollers though Paul. Seeing as they take the wheels off, I mean.

28-08-05, 00:20
If you get the car into 3rd, with the od/kill, then press MANU- will the car still kick down?

28-08-05, 00:20
mine was today apparantly

paul mac
28-08-05, 01:16
i might be wrong but i thought when they do power runs on an auto they just put in second !!

28-08-05, 09:29
i might be wrong but i thought when they do power runs on an auto they just put in second !!
Yeah i thought the same :looney:

28-08-05, 09:53
Wrong. Second gear will not give you proper figures....

As an example: the last Miami-GT dyno day the boys at Surrey RR dynoed my car in 2nd gear because the year previous they remembered what a pain in the ass it was to keep in 3rd gear (no 3rd gear lock on the Soarer) so I got a measley 308bhp....

2 weeks later I went to another RR who took the time to do it properly and in 3rd gear and scored 466bhp before I had a misfire (was well on the way to 500)...

Second gear is crap for the dyno...

28-08-05, 10:17
Ahh that's why i had 2nd gear in my mind, i remember now. Good job Joe.

Class One
28-08-05, 10:29
I've noticed as well that I get more boost in 3rd gear than 2nd!

28-08-05, 14:14
The other thing i noticed was that the operator put the car into neutral after a run when it was slowing down through engine braking - is this safe for the autobox?

paul mac
28-08-05, 19:29
Second gear is crap for the dyno...
i stand corrected mate

28-08-05, 20:56
I have set up the parameters on my accelerometer for the Supra.
When I do runs it can show the max power at the wheels during that run.
In 0-60 runs (where up to 2nd is used) I get around 80hp less than 40-100runs (where 3rd is used hard)