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15-08-05, 12:56
My mate has an Astra MKIV, and wants to do some stuff to it to make it a bit more personal, he isn't really into bodykits and stuff and can't afford them anyway, the other problem is his gf isn't very appreciative of me trying to persuade him to do car stuff all the time!!

I'm looking for ideas of what can be done personally to cars that's free or very cheap?

I've got some blue metallic spray and silver paint left so might go to work on some of his plastics!!!
He's looked at bits like lexus style lights and blue lit kick plates, but even they're a bit too pricey plus he doesn't want to let me loose on wiring!! :p

Any ideas?

15-08-05, 13:00
Furry dice?


SupraStar 3000
15-08-05, 13:05
Vinyl Graphics - Shouldn't be to expensive at your local sign shop
Break caliper paint - Halfauds or Free from the back of your shed

15-08-05, 13:05
could always get a turbo and dump valve. Well when i say a turbo and dump valve i mean those sound boxes off Ebay to make your car sound like it has them :D

15-08-05, 13:15
Debadge. Spray interior plastics.

15-08-05, 13:19
OR....... ditch the girlfriend, take out a loan, buy a supra..... enjoy the goodlife ;)

15-08-05, 13:21
As above, colour code some of the interior bits, have just done all my dash and makes quite a difference, maybe a few LED's they are cheap enough and very easy to wire. Plus the more the interior is improved the less people will look at the outside of the car and so bodykits etc will not be needed..!

15-08-05, 13:31
neon washer jets are cheap enough ;)

on a serious note, debadging works well, and as long as its not overboard interior plastic colour coding can look good
and i know it sounds silly but more importantly nothing beats a good valet

15-08-05, 14:27
All good so far (except washer jets and furry dice!!).

He has steel wheels so no brake caliper paint, he was looking at 'alloy look' hub caps but I told him not to be silly! :p
I think a set of alloys are out the question too.

I'll find out if he'll mind changing interior light to blue, they tend to be a bit dark after the change.

Can anyone here do a blue LED conversion on the dash cheap? Emin?

31-08-05, 19:54
dude is there really any point in spending any money and effort chaving up a car which sounds like it should be left alone!

I think mods should be done properly or not at all

31-08-05, 20:02
:yeahthat: tell him to spend it on his bird

01-09-05, 08:12
There probably isn't much point to us, but he loves his car as much as I love mine and he wants to do something to it that's personal to him. He asked me because I've done quite a bit to my car so he wanted some advice - I get all my advice from here :p so asked you lot!

Just cos it's not a fast car or an expensive car doesn't give people the right to say it doesn't deserve to have money spent on it. Don't become like the TVR owners of this world please!

01-09-05, 09:55
I think a set of lowering springs might not go amiss,You should be ablw to pick some up for about 60 quid even though it dont have rims it will still change the look of the car though

26-09-05, 20:01
OR....... ditch the girlfriend, take out a loan, buy a supra..... enjoy the goodlife ;)

i like the idea :woot:

26-09-05, 21:23
Breakers yard ? could pick up some astra alloys etc?

27-09-05, 18:10
Sorry just remebered i cant post trade details on here yet ! so ive removed/edited me post !

23-10-05, 19:48
buy mine so i can buy my first supe
http://img425.imageshack.us/img425/3150/pv041534eo.th.jpg (http://img425.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pv041534eo.jpg)