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Ian C
03-04-05, 21:18
Pillow Ball suspension mounts

What is it?
Pillow ball (spherical bearing top mounts) serve no other purpose on the MKIV Supra than to reduce some compliance (“give”) in the damper mounting, meaning a small vertical movement of the road wheel is more faithfully transmitted into the damper unit itself as one end of the damper is no longer compliantly rubber mounted. A pillow ball mount offers NO suspension geometry adjustment at either front or back of a MKIV as the damper angle is totally independent of camber or castor, it NOT being a McPherson strut type suspension.

My personal opinion is that most MKIV's will not benefit from pillow ball mounts, and your money could be much better spent elsewhere.

You’ll have a lightweight stripped out racing wallet, apart from that Chris didn’t really mention any :) – Ian C

Be aware pillow balls from Japan usually come with crap bearings in them that soon develop play and then they knock like hell. Most can have just the bearing itself replaced by a quality bearing like an NMB race type, but at a price. Race quality PTFE / kevlar lined stainless spherical bearings are eye wateringly expensive... But they will last for years and not knock!

-Chris Wilson

Matt "Aero top"
28-07-06, 22:51
i have a bad knock on the front of my 1995 import n/a supra and i havent a clue what it could be ive had a look but with no joy of finding the problem so id like to check these pillow ball mounts out but where are they located ???and what do they look like and how much to replace ??

Matt "Aero top"
07-09-06, 17:30
Is anyone going to answer my thread please

07-09-06, 17:41
pillow ball mount is inside the top bit of the coilover/suspention, the bit that bolts onto car,

cost to replace depends on your suspension, you need to do both sides, 2 x pillow ball mounts for JICs are $320 plus shipping last time i looked.

if you have a knock, i'd check brakes/shimms first. a decent garage will spot the cause of problem. shame youre not closer to phoenix, they spotted the cause of my clunking in 30 seconds flat! (it was brakes not suspension)

Matt "Aero top"
13-09-06, 23:23
cheers mate ! i'll check my brakes out ! but im sure its not that but owts worth a try !

Matt "Aero top"
13-09-06, 23:30
wheres this phoenix please as it would be worth the trip to find the problem ? ( hope its not the place in america )