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09-06-18, 16:45
Engine Type - 2JZ-GTE

Engine Spec - Stock

Turbo - Stock Twins

Fuel Used - Shell V-Power

Exhaust - 3” Decats and Blitz Nur Spec

Transmission - A340 Auto

ECU - Mines

Dyno Used - Surrey Rolling Road

Power figure - 416bhp at Fly

Torque figure - 380ft/lb

Boost Pressure - 1.2 Bar

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11-06-18, 09:18
Hello there Matt. Can you tell me what has the ECU helped you with? I am assuming if you have increased the boost, it should prevent the ECU from cutting the fuel unless you have achieved that with the direct power supply mod but I am unsure of how that works currently. I too have the same spec car as yours and only recently did I acquire my engine which will require a rebuild. I have the std Auto TT ECU and Throttle ECU and I too have a MINES plaque on the main ECU.

11-06-18, 18:22
It has a raised boost cut and is mapped up to 1.2 bar. The dyno operator said the timing was on the limits of advance.

It was a little rich at the top end but that’s safe.


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11-06-18, 18:41


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