View Full Version : Wanted Trd gearbox mount

07-06-18, 23:11
New or used, not fussy.

08-06-18, 11:10
Could you not fill the voids of a stock one or existing one with polyurethane? ie make your own

08-06-18, 11:11

08-06-18, 11:48
Interesting, great idea thanks, i`m all about diy bud.

08-06-18, 12:24
It works - and it's cheap , I'm doing an engine mount on my Audi , next week , I use aircraft fuel tank sealant , type of non silicon rubber , everything proof ,and tough as old boots - downside is once it's on ,it's a mare to get off , hands , clothes and anything it touches -
I have plenty if you want a tube (work skip them once lifex) but they still have about 50 years before they are unusable - lol
Come in a kit for a normal skeleton gun , push a plunger in pump handle which pushes the hardener in , then pump for two mins to mix and then into your gun and away you go ...
24 hours to cure

08-06-18, 14:52
sounds ideal, i`ll pm you later mate, thanks