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10-04-17, 13:35
Engine Type - VVTI TT

Engine Spec - Blitz SUS intake and that's it

Turbo - Standard TT

Fuel Used - Shell V-Power

Exhaust - Blitz NSR both cats in place

Transmission - V161

ECU - Standard

Dyno Used - Clive Atthowe - Dastek Dyno

Power figure - 319.6bhp

Torque figure - 276.3lbft

Boost Pressure - 0.9bar

Happy with the power figure and it runs fine but any ideas what would be causing it to run this rich? The consensus was that running this rich wouldn't be good in the long run due to bore wash.http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2017/04/254.jpghttp://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2017/04/255.jpg

10-04-17, 13:43
wow, that is very rich. My VVTI runs rich but the stock ecu is set up to do that when on boost. Mine is mid to high 10's though, 8 and lower is super rich.

Not 100% sure what the problem could be are you running completely stock fuel system and stock pump?

10-04-17, 16:42
As far as I'm aware, yes. Not that I've checked any part of the system yet.

Does anyone know what the fuel pressure should be at idle and under load? There's a couple of sensors I can monitor with Torque. I think Idling was sat at around 80 but WOT in 3rd was up to around 450-500.

10-04-17, 20:18
Clean the flowmeter maybe?