View Full Version : Wanted Cheep/loan set of wheels that cover up calipers.

07-02-17, 21:39
Need to get my car in the body shop before dragonball. But also need to get my wheels refurbed. So I'm after a set of wheels that clear uk calipers. Need to be cheep ones with tyres I can buy or even a spare set I can borrow off someone.

07-02-17, 22:49
I have a set of stock 17s you can borrow if you can collect and return in person, and they're returned in the same condition they left :)

07-02-17, 23:05
yes they will only be sat on the car while its in the bodyshop for as long as my wheels take to get refurbed.

ill keep you in mind, but will hang on a little incase someone has a set closer to avoid the 5 hour round trip x 2 :p none of my cars are particulary fuel efficient. so its a whack on fuel too.