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06-02-17, 19:39
Hello, I am following the forum with great interest. Full of information and very helpful :)

EU Supra TT Auto HKS T04Z
Engine Type - Single Turbo, was TT originally.

Engine Spec - Bone stock 2JZ-GTE EU spec.

Turbo - HKS T04Z Full Turbine kit 1.00 A/R Twin Scroll.

Intercooler: OEM Toyota SMIC (purchased brand new 1 year ago)

Fuel Used - Italian Q8 100 RON pump gas

Fuel setup- ASNU 1100 injectors, Walbro 485 pump, fuel pulsation damper removed

Exhaust - 3" DP, 3" decat pipe, HKS Super Drager exhaust

Transmission - Stock Auto A340

ECU - Syvecs

Mapped By - Lee Perryman at SRD

Dyno Used - Devil Developments, Dyno Dynamics

Power figure - 588 fwhp on 100 RON pump gas (the conversion figure is for a manual and not an auto. So engine power is probably a little more)

Boost Pressure - 1.6 bar on Q8 100 RON pump gas