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08-12-16, 21:08
Here we have my beautiful and rare Jaguar S-Type R in silver for sale.

Being an ‘R’ the car is equipped with the 4.2 V8 Supercharged engine that develops 400bhp straight from the factory with the large Brembo brakes to stop it! The 4.2L does not suffer the same engine issues as the 4.0L so is this is the very sought after engine. The car starts first time every time and is a very smooth engine. The car is equipped with a 6-speed auto transmission which is nice and smooth, with sport mode to spice things up a bit! The interior is two-tone red and black leather. The car has literally everything electric (Memory seats, Dual climate control, touch screen display including built-in Sat Nav, Electric windows, Electric Mirrors, Auto dimming rear view mirror, Cruise control, Auto Lights, etc). The car comes equipped with its original 18” wheels with 4 good tyres. The cars body is nice and straight and is HPI clear.

The car was my daily driver and has covered 98.000 miles and has a lot of the old MOT’s and service history with bills (mainly from Jaguar) to warrant this. The car is taxed with MOT until 28 January 2017. I purchased this car with the intent to bring is back completely to its former glory in July this year.......

Recent Parts

So far I have replaced the following on the car……

*Heater Hose AJ89746 – The infamous ‘Valley Pipe’ that can be prone to heat soak and then splitting . I've had it replaced so no worry there! (A large number of the gaskets / seals below were changed just as a procedure during rebuild)
*Hose AJ88507
*Hose AJ811758
*Hose C2C18160
*Hose (x2) C2C11477
*Duct Seal (x2) AJ86892
*Outlet Seal NCC7735BA
*Gasket AJ83292
*Gasket AJ83445
*Gasket AJ82340
*Gasket AJ88560
*Brakeboost Kit C2S15816
*Heater Hose C2C18161
*Heater valve XR840091
*Supercharger Belt C2C37055
*Auxillary Belt C2C37063
*Pollen Filter XR849205
*Air Filter AJ82766
*Clips (x7) XR81647
*The car has one fully working key, I have also purchased a 2nd key of which I had the fob coded at Jaguar but it needs the key cutting and then syncing with the ignition (Told it is a 5 minute job to take back to them to do, the fob was the hard part apparently).
*The car had a new brake servo at 96000 miles when I purchased the car as fault was found when I picked up the car from the dealer so it was replaced at their cost.

Bad Points

*The car began to show a parking brake fault and the rear electric parking brake wouldn’t activate. It also appeared that the rear brakes were sticking. The pads had unknowingly worn down to the point that the brake disc has marked the rear discs and upon Jaguars advice both the rear pads and discs now need changing.
*The car unfortunately has a locking wheel nut on the driver’s side rear that I cannot remove with the tool as it has been rounded off previously so I cannot get the wheel off to replace the rear discs and pads. The car will need to be trailered away due to the rear brake issue!
*The car is missing a passenger side headlight washer cover and has a few slight age related marks as you can see from the photos.
*A chip in the passenger side bumper blade.
*The bonnet needs a good polish.
*The car also picked up a stone dent in the driver’s door.
*The passenger side vent sometimes only blows hot, but having changed the heater valve as shown above I have now located as can now only be the Climate control module which is sadly a common fault with these cars. I have seen reconditioned ones of these on ebay for £150. Air conditioning does work fine though out all of the other vents.
*The driver’s side folding mirror also sometimes sticks.

The car is quickly becoming a future classic with these selling anywhere between £5000-£7000 for a car similar to this in perfect working order with similar mileage. I have just not got the time to spend on the car any more to make it perfect!

I’ve been as honest as I can with the car but you’re welcome to view and inspect yourself upon request. The car can be viewed in Staffordshire.

I'm asking £3000 ono for this rare future classic merely as it needs some small effort to make it great again.

Any questions please ask!


08-12-16, 22:18
Awesome things these :cool:

09-12-16, 07:10
They really are. Surprised me how quick it is for an 1800kg beast!

09-12-16, 17:28
Whats tunabillity like?

09-12-16, 18:36
Can get these to around 480bhp relatively easy with supercharger pulleys, decat and cat back system with a decent map. Change the chargers for a twin screw set then 600bhp+

- - - Updated - - -

Provisionally sold btw :)

10-12-16, 10:48
A lot of car for the money

10-12-16, 11:35
Yes it is bargain money for what you're getting! Due to the number of messages showing interest with offers on the car I have had can I please state that I will only secure the car once a deposit has been received :)

Sooner the car can be collected the better too please as new car now on order so reasonable offers will be considered!

10-12-16, 18:41
Deposit now taken on car :)