View Full Version : Found Tt6 shell for sale on fleybay

18-11-16, 15:08
I'm sure it's one of the lads on here


18-11-16, 15:30
Its paytoplay from here. I bought afew bits and pieces from him

18-11-16, 15:46
Jim's old car, cat c or d that shell is iirc.

18-11-16, 16:10
Jim's old car, cat c or d that shell is iirc.
Yes your right it is.
Very very clean though! I saw it afew weeks ago when i collected the TT cylinder head from it.
Shame he broke it really, apparently he cracked a piston and then decided to break it while still in positive equity with it rather than ploughing more money into it having it rebuilt, money he wouldnt be able to re coupe again

19-11-16, 20:01
How much would it cost to get this on the road (i know!)