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25-05-16, 15:41
lost the love big time for my supra, owned the car now for twelve years but the last three years due to various things its taken a back seat and spent pretty much the whole time in a lock up garage, took it out last month to mot it but car broke down turned out alternator has packed up so its sat for a month on my drive, its currently covered in muck and dust, on further inspection ive noticed a few paint defects and some very bad stress/scratches on the rear lights, along with a rusty tailgate and rear spats that could do with a bit of tidying up and kerbed alloys, also the drivers side wing was damaged and has been repaired but the colour match isn't the best, ive got to the point where I cant decide wether to sell it as is listing the faults or go all out getting it to a local body shop to get all the paint and body sorted, I have a second hand rust free boot lid and new tail lights to go on plus new alloys mats stereo and a few other bits.
the way prices seem to going up keeping it seems a good option, I always use to keep the car very tidy when I first got it always getting positive comments about the car, the car is a 93 na/ auto in silver with only seventy three thousand miles on it.
if I go down the road of repairing it I still wont be able to drive it that much unfortunately, would love some thoughts guys thanks lee.

25-05-16, 15:54
Its an interesting question and I am sure the numbers given will be mixed given the current market/shortage, silver NA Auto a few years ago was the most difficult to sell for good money, I picked one up for 1500 back in 2007, however given the market I would say 3-3500 and perhaps a few hundred more with the spare parts

25-05-16, 16:19
Just looked at your started thread history and this has been going on since 2012 at least! :)

I'd get an alternator in it and get it Mot'd. Then just clean it for nil cost and actually drive it a bit to see how you feel about it then? If you like it then you can get the bits done that are bothering you otherwise flog it with no additional spend.

Hitbox Junkie
25-05-16, 17:15
Clean it, sort it, mot, drive, feel the love or sale it on.

25-05-16, 18:22
Depends how much money you have in it.

supra joe
25-05-16, 18:26
I'm at the same point with my aerotop at the moment. Alternator is goosed. Can't be bothered with the car...

25-05-16, 18:34
Take some time away from it, cover it up, then get back on it.

I found myself in the same circle about 18 months ago and I'm only just now getting it ready for its mot.

25-05-16, 18:38
Yep chuck it in the garage on axle stands and forget for a while..

25-05-16, 19:01
Sell it, have 30mins thinking youve made the correct decision, relise you have made a huge mistake, spend more money getting it back

25-05-16, 19:23
some great advice guys, tried leaving it in the garage and forgetting about it for a while, got a lot of money it already, got a funny feeling I'm going to have this car for a while yet, spoke to the missus even she said get it sorted and enjoy it.

25-05-16, 20:56
Sell it..!!

*Probably not good advice but I am trying to justify my own decision making in my head.*

Do I miss mine? Not at all, but I had loads of other cars I fancied owning for better or for worse. I don't want to look back in 20 years and only tried the one sports car. Question is, whether other marques tickle your fancy.


GTR Fever
25-05-16, 20:57
I would agree with everyone so far...get it sorted then see how you feel. An alternator is a straightforward repair job. Then you can drive the car again and see if the love starts flowing.

Don't be like me and sell it. (ended up buying it back from the guy after a month of regret)

26-05-16, 14:57
I agree with the above, new alternator, MOT then a good clean (maybe touch over some of the rust spots just to take the eye off them for the moment) and get to driving over this summer. Couple of nice hot days, good roads, windows down and tunes up.... you'll soon get the love back!

26-05-16, 17:31
You'll be tidying it up somewhat now :D

27-05-16, 00:14
I've had my car since '98 and I still love it. Drives great, looks great in its original paint and still puts a smile on my face. Maybe you just need to upgrade to a TT6?