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13-11-15, 11:26
Hi Guys, I am nearing the end of my journey now, post my NA/T experience. I reflect on what Chris Wilson said, "you cannot expect such a major change to an old car to progress without some issues", he was right, but i only had two issues which i have more than posted on, the agresive clutch and hot oil temps.
The clutch was changed yesterday for a stage 2 organic with 80% more torque than stock, as "it said on the tin", the drive quality is like stock, mega pleased but 275 towards the "learning curve fund", based on original stage 4 clutch fitted 450, new stage 2 fitted 500, so total 950, then stage 4 sold for 225 = 725 spent. If you now remove the 450 for the original Stag 4 NA/T clutch, which i had to have, the net cost is a loss of 275, for the learning curve fund. Not bad IMHO, also i was ignorant about clutches at the time.

Basically i was advised that the oil temp should not go above the 100 deg.C mark. On my first m/way journey the temp was 135deg.C at times and never less that 115 deg.C. The original diagnosis was the poss of a faulty gauge, this was eliminated as although the first readings on a 9 deg.C day were circa 100 deg.C,it was a false dawn, they have since been up in the 120's again, so an oil cooler is being fitted next week, with thermostat. More or less as most members recommended, like scooter said, why play on the edge of the situation, get rid of the problem and fit a F---ing oil cooler, another 285 for the learning curve fund., total now 505.

Anyway overall i have no regrets at all and my car is superb, no pain no gain etc, and i thank everyone who have given me so much help and advice. herbiemercman.

13-11-15, 11:30
Glad to hear its coming together for you

I think more than any other forum the advise given on here is well thought out and explained because members have been through it themselves or have tech knowledge, the benifit of a long running well run forum, bonus :)

13-11-15, 12:02
Glad you're at the bottom of all your problems now even though it cost a penny or two along the way. I've just picked up a thermostatic oil cooler as well to help with the temps, better safe than sorry!

Time to go out and enjoy it now :)

Hitbox Junkie
13-11-15, 12:29
Glad your now happier with the car bud, must be great with the clutch now its driving like stock again and not so aggressive on the drive train :)

I have an oil cooler on mine but advised to get rid, so that is what will be happening :P

13-11-15, 12:45
Thanks for comments guys, Hitbox, why are you getting rid of your oil cooler?, if it is thermostat controlled you cover all situations to keep your oil at optimum running temp.

Hitbox Junkie
13-11-15, 13:06
Thanks for comments guys, Hitbox, why are you getting rid of your oil cooler?, if it is thermostat controlled you cover all situations to keep your oil at optimum running temp.

I've been told it isn't needed by Lee. il keep it though or sell it but will see when the cars done and driving but that is going to be a while :)

14-11-15, 19:51
So i was right about the oil then;)

15-11-15, 00:23
Hi bignum, Yes you were right, but at the time i was not sure, along with other parties, i had to go along and prove it. Oil cooler being fitted next week, my other cars have them, like other members said turbos heat up the oil, there are others out there who could have hot oil, but they may not know.

01-12-15, 06:10
Just fitted the oil cooler kit it was a "Mocal" well engineered, quality stainless steel braded piping and a well designed sandwich plate with thermostat, it cost 208, inc. vat and del.
The plan was to fit it in the near side aperture but the element was too wide, also doing the job with the wheel off and the wheel arch liner removed is a no no, unless you are a dwarf, so the front fender headlights etc had to come off. You can see from the pics that i mounted the element on the far left of the main air intake aperture, well secured to the aluminium beam. The amount of occlusion to the inter cooler is minimal as when you get over 30 mph the air flow at the main aperture is massive and better than the small apertures at the sides of the front fender.
The oil temperature now gets to 90 deg. C at all speeds, and just stays there.
I now have two sandwich plates fitted, the original which carries the turbo oil feed and the oil temp sensor, the second plate carries the oil cooler thermostat and feed pipes to the element, a lot of potential here for leaks, so particular attention was applied and well tested prior to reassembling the car bits. The original sandwich plate had some oil leaks on the fittings and the oil was blown with the air flow onto the clutch bell housing and due to the dry non seal and the vent it could have contaminated the clutch, thankfully it did not get that far with only 300 miles on the clock from the NA/T job being completed.
The fully synth oil was put in"Fukes Titan" 55, also the boost pipes were secured and where the pipes passed through the bodywork rubber grommets fitted to stop some vibration i had, also the waste gate dump pipe clamp was loose and vibrating so this was tightened, what a relief at first i thought it was the turbo blades coming loose, it was quite a loud rattle.Just have one more rattle to locate, i think it is the joint clamp where the down pipe meets the turbo? need to remove the insulation jacket and some heat baffles to get at it.
Overall i am well pleased with the outcome, no pain, no gain etc. herbiemercman.

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03-12-15, 10:52
Another thing i noticed when gaining access to the down pipe to turbo clamp joint, which was loose, is that the jacket fitted to the turbo exhaust turbine has started to decay into a white powder, and when my boost pipe blew off at the main air intake on the throttle body, just above the turbo, i could have sucked in the debris, do all these jackets do this or have i got a faulty one or a cheapo? Herbie.

03-12-15, 11:03
Ill bet its a cheap one.

03-12-15, 11:16
Ill bet its a cheap one.


supra matt
03-12-15, 11:25
It's just a cheap one mate and won't last 5 minutes also try not to breath in the dust or get it one your hands as its fiberglass and will make your hands itchy,

03-12-15, 11:26
That oil cooler location in front of the IC is not ideal

supra matt
03-12-15, 11:35
Need one of these mate 207226

03-12-15, 17:25
Thanks supra matt i will order one.

tooquick, i know the location is a compromise as i tried to explain in my post, however the performance is great and as i said the air mass at that location must be plenty, oil temp now at 90.C at all speeds etc, the side vents are a little restricted and not much room for a large element, quite a lot in the states are located at the front where mine is, the real improvement is having a quality , thermostat controlled oil cooler fitted, not too arsed about the small occlusion on the FMIC. Herbie.