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20-10-15, 23:15
Hey I've just signed up to the forum and looking to purchase a Supra seeing as it was one of my favorite cars while I was growing up. I will be using it as a daily driver for about 12 months just wondering how they are for daily use? I drive 400 miles a week for my commute to work which is a lot especially for a 20 year old car. The plan is to do if for a year, my boss steps down at work next October and i'll be taking his place along with a company car, so then I would be using the supra for weekends odd commute to work. I know some people will think I'm crazy with that mileage but I'm fed up with boring 1.6tdi polos and all that! Been scouring ebay, gumtree, piston heads and the classifieds on here for a few weeks now still struggling to find the "one"
Probably going to have to go for the N/A auto with a budget of around 4k, not too bothered on the cosmetic side, just more worried about the mechanical side as I'm not very handy although i'll give anything a go!
I'd rather buy one off the forums here as everyone is passionate about their babies and would have looked after them.

Anyway looking forward to getting started!



Ian Ian
21-10-15, 08:08
:) Welcome Dom keep looking for one, they are very capable comuting car all be it a tad thirsty but if you get a well maintained one you shouldnt have any problems ...good luck


21-10-15, 16:24
Lovely thanks Ian!

21-10-15, 16:37
I've had an n/a auto as my daily for 8 or 9 years now, I do between 250-300 miles a week and depending on prices would spend between 50 and 60 per week on petrol. N/a auto is a brilliant car for commuting, if you look after it properly it'll go on for ever. I get mine serviced every 6 months, doesn't cost any more than any other car to service and still many years later I look over my shoulder at it when walking out of the carpark :love: good luck with the search mate, and welcome :)

21-10-15, 22:30
I am considering moving away from the supra world for a bit and may be selling up. In fact it's jims old car he speaks of av got. 97 facelift na auto black 152,000 miles. Check my posts on this. It's all a maybe at the moment. Just as an option for you mate

22-10-15, 11:09
Lovely Jim thanks for the info! Brom, if you decide to sell give me a shout, seen a lovely black one for sale its n auto with a TT conversion am quite tempted..

22-10-15, 11:12
Will do. This is her anyway

22-10-15, 11:26
Very tidy mate, got any of the inside?

22-10-15, 12:25
I'll get them later for u