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Turbo Pete
16-10-15, 23:30
Hi . I am after a tt6 UK spec supra ,and would like it pretty standard with few mods . Does any body know any thing about Clive's prestige cars ,they have one for sale but in the last week it seems to have jumped from 15k to 20 K ?
Would like to pay around 12 k ideally . any help would be appreciated
Cheers Pete

17-10-15, 00:35
Hi :)

Unfortunately, unless you're willing to accept really high mileage, or a car on need of quite a bit of work, you aren't going to get a UK TT6 for 12k. more like 14k+.

Also, how come you want a UK? Sadly one of the nicer ones on here was recently bought by someone quite young who managed to crash it within a few days of getting it. :(

17-10-15, 09:50
That car has been up for sale for ages, I think the dealer is taking a punt on whacking the price up as sometimes it can provoke a reaction from someone seeing it for the first time and thinking at top money it must be a good/great one.

I think there was a thread about the car some time back.

Just search for Clive in the search function on here.

only slim chance of a reasonably priced uk tt6 is via a private owner but there are more than a few dealers you'd have to compete with and the lower the advertised price the less chance you'd have. That and bar Aji's recent sale, sales are very few and far between.

Turbo Pete
17-10-15, 12:16
Thanks Scooter just checked and yes the car has been up for sale for over 2 years and it sounds as if this Clive is a bit of a strange one . The car seemed tempting at 14750 ,but something does not ring right about this person and they have not replied to my email

18-10-15, 15:55
Hello and welcome :) as stated above I think you may struggle to find a UK TT6 for that budget but bargains do come up :) a good condition jap spec would do the trick though :) is there any reason in particular it has to be a UK spec or was it just ideally?

Turbo Pete
20-10-15, 18:35
Thanks Shawn. Ideally yes I want a UK spec .i am not mechanically minded and I feel that's the easier option for me . I would go to 15k

Turbo Pete
20-10-15, 19:22

24-10-15, 09:53
Thanks Shawn. Ideally yes I want a UK spec .i am not mechanically minded and I feel that's the easier option for me . I would go to 15k

I'm still quite new to the Supra community myself, but if it's only the mechanical side of things you're worried about with getting a jspec I really wouldn't worry..

Nearly every jap spec example I've seen has been better maintained and if it's been imported more recently it means less rust. Plus engine wise they're exactly the same bar injectors/turbos? I know I'd personally always opt for an import.

24-10-15, 13:23
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24-10-15, 21:49
You need to be a paid up member to buy and sell on here.

24-10-15, 21:56
Pete you would benefit massively from becoming a member which would give you access to our classifieds section. The benefit with getting a car through our classifieds is because we are a tight knit community it is most likely that you can trace its history and people will know the car. Getting a car with a full service history doesn't tell you everything about a car, it won't tell you if its been in an accident or been treated poorly.