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15-10-15, 19:29
Hey everyone,

My name is Folkert, i'm from Holland, and the other week i bought myself a Supra!
It's a '94 SZR in 199 silver metallic. Being a SZR it comes with a (small) torsen LSD.
Front cloth seats and black carpet and roof lining.
It's fitted with the stock Bilstein shocks, and Ultralite Nurburgring 18 inch rims.
Previos owner also fitted a 3 inch rs-r catback and a do luck style II front bumper.
Car is pretty nice for its age, some minor details in the paint are bugging me, but that's for the future.
Short term plans are too make it mechanically 100%, so first i'll change all the fluids and the filters and perform an allignment.
Ordered me some Pilot Sport Cup 2 for the rears (265/35r18).

Future plans are going na-t, so i'm searching for parts. List of what i think i need:

Standalone ecu
Depanding on ecu a loom
Compatible injectors
Exhaust manifold
Turbo and wastegate and linings
Coil on Plugs
Gte inlet manifold or aftermarket
Intercooler (chargecooler?)
Upgraded fuelpumps
New downpipe (delete all cat's :eyebrows: )
Upgraded clutch (got a new spec stage 3+ clutch with the car, it was fitted but the pressure plate isn't good?? so they removed it. )

That's about it i suppose? Any additions?

I think i'll have to change the pistons as well and ad squirters?

The car wil be driven on the road and i'll be using it for dragracing.
My previos dragcar was a wee little nova, so i'll have to make some power with the supra to achieve the nova performance :rolleyes:

Can't post any pic's, sorry, they'll come.

15-10-15, 19:41


Bought the car with a busted clutch master cilinder, had to pick it up on a trailer:



Dish in the rear rim :love: