View Full Version : Hi from a new member and hopeful future trader

Mondo HnS
09-10-15, 19:31
Evening all. :)

I've read the rules prior to registering so I'll be keeping schtum for the next 3 months, but ultimately I'd like to join this forum "properly" as a paid Trader.

I've always had a soft spot for the Supra (and Jap cars in general - got a 300ZX myself) so I'm looking forward to finding out what people are doing to their proud motors nowadays.

Gotta love a good 90s classic! :cool:



09-10-15, 19:47
Welcome mate look forward to what you can bring to the table

Mondo HnS
09-10-15, 19:53
Thanks for the welcome. :)

Looking forward to hopefully getting my feet under the table, so to speak! :D

Al Massey
09-10-15, 19:56

There may be a long waiting list depending on what you are trading

Mondo HnS
09-10-15, 20:08
I can't see anyone else in the Traders area doing what I do, so hopefully there won't be any issues :)

09-10-15, 23:46
Welcome :) always nice to see specialised skill sets onboard :)

11-10-15, 09:37
:welcome: looking forward to more info on your trade when you are allowed :)

Mondo HnS
11-10-15, 11:24
Thanks guys. :)

I've done a few little bits on a couple of Supras in the past, so hoping to expand in the not too distant future. There are some very tasty cars on here!

Mondo HnS
15-10-15, 19:33
Well, I've just paid my membership fee! :cool: