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05-10-15, 16:49

Im just posting to say hi and to also ask if anyone can help me out with a little tyres help as my dad is currently wanting to buy tyres online for the first time and as he isnt very technically savvy and i dont have the first clue about online tyre sites i thought we'd come to forums seeing as that is the best place to get pro help

So just wondering if there is any sites you guys know of that are good for decent tyres from either reviews or just past experience, any help would be great

Thanks :)

06-10-15, 09:33
camskill are great but last time I bought tyres I tried www.tyreleader.co.uk, they had the best prices I could find and the service was fantastic! Just be sure you check the date on the tyres as they sell newly manufactured as well as prior year tyres.

Cant fault them myself and will use them again :)

06-10-15, 10:15
As said by Matt already www.tyreleader.co.uk

I've used them twice now and both times were spot on, best delivery and best prices I could find, the tyres were also brand new 2015 manufacture date which
is worth checking as plenty of places sell old stock.

The date code is on the sidewall

06-10-15, 11:51
Thanks guys

The overall consensus is on tyreleader then

Just wondering as this is the only site that me and my dad know of, has anyone had experience with www.mytyres.co.uk?