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04-10-15, 17:33
I've frequently visited this forum but just now registered.

I am at a crossroads with my 1993 Supra. I've owned it since 1995 and we drive it only on special occasions. As a result, it has very low mileage on it (just turned 33,000 last weekend.) We love the car but since my wife and I both just retired we don't know whether to keep it or sell it. It's nearly identical to this one on EBay 262074057768 except ours is black and is the Premier Edition. Does anyone know what Premier Edition means? It's been in the rain twice but other than that it stays in the garage so it is in nice shape.

I would appreciate some advice on whether to keep it or sell it. I really enjoy owning it and driving it, but it does take up room in the garage and I'm unsure about its future value. So its either sell it and downsize or keep it and move to warmer weather so we can enjoy it more.


Joe Miller
Bloomington, Il