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30-09-15, 05:27
Hi there, I am a 94' Supra owner from Poland (Warsaw) running a stock 2JZ-GTE engine... Not my first 2JZ set up as i had a Lexus GS300 01' reg with a 2J forged block before, running 500 Bhp. I decided to sign up as i might be needing some help to source some parts in Europe for my Supra which has under gone a failed RHD to LHD converstion by the previous owner which leaves me nothing else but to finally properly sort it out :)

Some Pics of the Supra Below :)

Looking forward to being here ;)


30-09-15, 12:41
Welcome to the club :)

Nice looking Sup you've got there, good luck getting it all sorted out

30-09-15, 13:30
Nice car....... :welcome:

kevin smith
30-09-15, 13:37
Welcome to the club.