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24-09-15, 13:35
hello guys, i'm new to the site and potentially looking to buy supra as an investment,
i currently have a solid mk3 with a big v8 in it that i built a few years ago but i don't think its gonna go up in value over next 10yrs.
So, what are your thoughts and recommendations?
i'm figuring on a red uk spec twin turbo in excellent condition but i'm open to a do'er upperer.

25-09-15, 08:54
well thats me off to a good start as usual lol, ok then simple question, should i look for a uk car or a Jspec ?

25-09-15, 09:23
Depends what your looking for :D if you look on the model chart you can see the difference between the specs :thumbs:


And :welcome: to the forum too!

25-09-15, 09:41
Pics of the MKIII with the V8 in it please :)

As an idea for you though - on general 'value for investment'

6 speed TT Supras will be the area you'd want to have as a 'starting point' as it will hold it value (and Supra prices are on the up)

In terms of Colours - Silver is the most common with Black, White and Potentially red being the next popular. So for an investment, try and find an Anthracite/MSB (Brown), RSP (Blue), DJG (Green) or Yellow. But you'll often be waiting for a good one.

The Supras came with lots of optional extras which included various creature comforts as the models developed down the years, so the more OE you get with the purchase the more valuable it may be seen as.

Hope it helps.

25-09-15, 11:47
All supras will hold there price if stock..in good condition and have plenty of history...even better if UK....as the cars get older alot of buyers could afford the car as they are relatively cheap but did not maintain them to the standard you would expect as they are not cheap to maintain so avoid those with poor history

25-09-15, 12:25
If you're looking for an investment, the car would ideally be bone stock and in very good condition.

If I was looking out for a UK spec, then the 'Storm Blue' finish is what I'd hope for, as it looks great and is reasonably uncommon. Being here longer, corrosion can be an issue, but well kept examples can certainly be found.

A tidy, unfettled J-spec may be more difficult to find, but they are out there. Gives different spec options as well, be it a VVTi engine and V161 6 speed gearbox etc.

I presume you'd be using the car as well rather than just having it as an appreciating asset?

Hitbox Junkie
25-09-15, 12:47
Prices have rocketed recently but ad said before a stock TT 6speed would be your best bet.