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23-09-15, 15:44
I have said I will never sell this car, its an appreciating classic IMO and I have sold several of those in the past and had regrets almost straight away on all of them, however I want to get the Supra in the garage for the winter and so this might have to go, or go into storage

As many of you know I dont do things by halves and this car has had thousands spent on it by myself to get it to this stage, it is a wonderful asset and starts first time every time

TVR S3 in deep blue
1991 on a very nice short reg number
just over 60,000 miles
Long MOT - Just over 9 months left on it
Tax - No Tax with new rules

Huge file of service history including a full body off chassis restoration in 2014, this included new outriggers and a full Waxoyl


2.9 V6, the garage that completed the works are convinced it has had cam work as the response from the engine is so crisp with a tell tale chunky idle
New fuel pump fitted this month after the only failure I have had on this car
New battery earlier this year
Full stainless exhaust with an incredible sound


As mentioned body off restoration at a specialist in Sheffield in 2014 with new outriggers added
New stainless steel chassis bolts added at this time


Standard wheels refurb'd in graphite grey, in mint condition
Tyres are excellent


In deep blue with a few age related marks hear and there, no crazing
Was detailed before storage last autumn
Hood has a few marks and a slight split in rear plastic window
Electric boot opening


As you would expect leather has some wear, it is in two tone original colours
Radio cassette works but I rarely use it as the V6 sounds too good
Electric windows work but are slow (TVR issue)

The car drives like a go cart and is so much fun, feels quick being so light and sounds fantastic

Car was serviced back in July so ready to use or store until next summer

I am happy to let this go for offers over 5,000 given the time of year or I will consider an NA Auto or TT Auto as PX, cash either way

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/664.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/TVR-2.jpg.html)

23-09-15, 15:46
beautiful car and at that price definitely worth it, these cars are really starting to catch on value.

glws bud!

23-09-15, 17:33
Car was sold by Nigel Mansell's dealership and still carries his name on the bottom of the rear number plate just as a point of interest

23-09-15, 18:30
If I had somewhere to store this I'd be all over it. Looks like it's worth 10x the asking price :cool:

23-09-15, 18:34
What are you like Dean...!!

Lovely car too.

23-09-15, 18:42
I know,I know, its such a pretty car but is also savage sounding and really puts a smile on your face, if it does not sell then it is really not a big deal, I will store it, its not a cash thing it just does not deserve to be left outside for the winter

23-09-15, 23:03
would love to see some more picture's

24-09-15, 17:06
would love to see some more picture's

No problem

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/704.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/tvr5.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/705.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/tvr4.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/706.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/tvr3.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/707.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/tvr2.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/09/708.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/tvr1.jpg.html)

03-10-15, 21:10
That's stunning Dean, what an example. Great motor for the price and perfect for summer. If I wasn't getting another supra...!

Chris Bailey
03-10-15, 22:11
Cool machine! I remember when Wheeler Dealers got one of these. The 2.9 lump sounds great!

GLWTS Dean :)

07-10-15, 11:06
Is this still available? If so do you have any pictures of the interior?

08-10-15, 15:22
It is still available, I am working in London today but could get pictures to you tomorrow

09-10-15, 11:11
It is still available, I am working in London today but could get pictures to you tomorrow


09-10-15, 11:27
Excuse the dimlight but the car is not tucked away on trickle charge in the garage

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/10/144.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/021_1.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/10/145.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/022_1.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/10/146.jpg (http://s705.photobucket.com/user/tooquicktostop/media/023_1.jpg.html)

09-10-15, 17:42
Cheers Dean I really do love this car and am very tempted however I'm going to go travelling on Tuesday till January 2nd and don't have the room to store it as the 911 will be staying the garage while I'm away.

I've really been wanting for a nice soft top roadster as a weekend toy and even bought a gt6 a month ago on eBay only for the seller to pull out. I'm going to have to really think about this overnight as this certainly ticks all the boxes.

19-10-15, 12:05
lovely, now where the heck can i store all my garden furniture, may get back to you on this dean

21-10-15, 10:49
Sure Gaz let me know, it's tucked away in my garage now on trickle charge for the winter

25-10-15, 16:53
One price drop for this forum only before I put on wider sale at 5000 - 4500

23-11-15, 18:01