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22-09-15, 18:51
Hi all,

new member <snip - please pay for membership to advertise in the classifieds>, currently driving a bmw had a few fast french cars in the past. anyone have any advice using a TT auto a a daily driver ?

thanks tom

Marcus GTE
22-09-15, 20:34
Hi, welcome to the club Tom :welcome:

I would highly recommend the TT auto, it's a very smooth box and you can still have fun with it as it has a semi manual mode which it calls "Manu"

Ideally you would benefit from a test drive as it's not comparable to a "normal" auto from the same period; it's very good.

You will pay a lot more for a manual too btw.

Good luck

22-09-15, 21:26
Welcome to the club! :)

23-09-15, 09:54
I used my TT auto as a daily for years doing 10-15k a year , worsed bit about it was going through rear tyres ;) was only getting about 5-6k out of the rears