View Full Version : Found Throttle Body NA auto

20-09-15, 08:59
Need a complete throttle body of a LOW mileage NA AUTO. Keep having trouble with my butterfly mechanism being worn

20-09-15, 09:36
i've got one of a car with 60k miles. Mine was a manual though, no idea if hteres a difference?

50+12 postage bud :)

Crash Bandicoot
20-09-15, 11:15
I also have one from a 65k auto engine, however it has surface oxidisation as it's been stored for a while. Yours for 35 posted.

21-09-15, 00:51
I got one sorted now, thanks guys :)

29-12-15, 00:49
I need one if anyone has one? Must be off low mileage n/a please. Thanks

tina n paul
29-12-15, 16:15
I have one here engine was low miles
but im in croydon surrey