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19-09-15, 19:09
Hi guys just saying hello and I'm Josh been browsing the forum today as I found I will be able to insure a N/A Supra next year as much as id love a TT there is no chance of that with insurance within the next few years so thought id settle for second best for now

But For now I'm just having a look at the info part of the forums with anything to do with N/a supras so anybody that owns one I would love to hear from you on what they are like power wise and generally what they are like to drive :) and how you have found them Better than expected or disappointing

Supras have been my dream car since I was 8 years old from the first time I saw it in Fast and furious haha Been on my mind ever since so I'm also going to enjoy Drawling at all the pics ;)

19-09-15, 19:22
Welcome to the club.

I have owned my Na 5 speed for over 5 years now. Have to say although they are not the most powerful cars in the world they are still tourquey and great fun to drive. If you get a good one and have it set up correctly it will be a blast to drive.

Here is my build thread I have had active for a fair amount of time-


19-09-15, 19:35
Hello and welcome.

My NA 5spd is the fastest car I've driven so it feels good to me. It makes a nice noise and handles well, as ripped_fear said it's great fun despite being the slow option. No regrets for me.

19-09-15, 19:48
Dude I am only 7 Pages it but WOW its looking Great! Going to enjoy reading through that :) if I happen to get one (Hopefully will) I will definitely be making a Ipod Dock ;) and ill be taking some other ideas from your Post :D Thanks a lot dude :D

19-09-15, 19:50
Awesome Well if I am able to get one next year ill be 21 so Will be By far the fastest thing ive ever driven so thanks for the reply Buddy I hope to be right there with you guys ^^

19-09-15, 20:15
What sort of prices are you getting for insurance on a TT? Sometimes you just need to find the right underwriter, when I was 20 I had a twin turbo 300ZX, my insurance was around 2000 with an underwriter called Equity Red Star. Using comparison sites only goes so far.

19-09-15, 20:28
on TT upwards of 2500 but that was mostly with Comparison sites and Adrian flux :) but ive only been driving since I was 19 :)

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19-09-15, 21:09
Welcome Josh.

19-09-15, 21:27
Thank you :)

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Thank you =)

19-09-15, 21:36
Welcome to the Forum Josh

Where in Cornwall are you, there a few of us down here in the South West and we are a good friendly bunch generally :)

Mine was an N/A for most of the time I have had it and it was a great reliable car and great fun as well as that the Supra is still one of the best looking cars on the road

My build thread if you want another long read


19-09-15, 21:51
Thank you and I'm in St Austell So pretty central and I will have a look haha I'm 17 pages through Ripped_fears Thread but Will definitely have a look ^^

wile e coyote
19-09-15, 22:05
As rog said keep eye on the sw posts as we get together a fair bit

19-09-15, 22:11
Will do But I might park FAR FAR Away with my little MG Zr for now :D and thank you

20-09-15, 10:28
Welcome to the club! :D

20-09-15, 16:55
Thank you :D