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14-09-15, 09:50
I have a 2JZ - GTE
I had previously turbo GTX3076 but I do not remember on what ass. but at 1.5 bar I accomplished my 700Nm 520KM
Now the turbine gave up and I wanted to throw something bigger and get more power .
Whether you buy Garret gtx3582r a / r 0.61 2JZ is a good choice ? we have the capacity at which top-up ?
Car rides in the drift so it is important to also get up .

johnny g
14-09-15, 10:05
GTX3582R is one of the perfect turbos for a street Supra, in my opinion. At 1.5bar, you should see something around 550-600bhp with supporting modifications.

14-09-15, 10:14
car for drifting to the competition.
I have rollers Brian
2 westgaty Tial
nitro .
Is there a better idea would be to give greater asshole whether the a / r 0.61 it's too small?

14-09-15, 10:15
I was hoping for 600km with a small top-up would not bother turbine and support to Nitra to stand up

14-09-15, 10:19
Is there a better idea would be to give greater asshole whether the a / r 0.61 it's too small?

My old 61mm turbo started to choke at higher revs. Does that help? I don't know which turbos have assholes fitted though. Is that new tech? Bit like a wastegate, perhaps?

Or do you mean the aspect ratio?

14-09-15, 10:36
proportions ? I do not quite understand.
I would like to get the same 600km at the lowest possible top-up
and the little ass 0.61 in order to advance was rising .

14-09-15, 10:37
Sorry, but I really can't understand what you mean?

14-09-15, 10:46
I ask whether turbo GTX35 with a rear part and / r0.61 a good solution ?
What can be achieved power?
is not it better to give the rear a greater honor example . a / r 1.06 .
I would like to 600km with a small boost

14-09-15, 12:24
Hello and welcome!

Can I make a suggestion that may help?

Type exactly what you are asking in Polish into Google translate and then post the English translation up on here. Some of the terms you are using don't quite make sense in the context you are asking. Although I do have to say the bigger assholes will most likely fit in well here.

14-09-15, 14:06
One question: D
What power do I get to the engine 2JZ - GTE with GTX3582r and the hot side ( ass ) a / r 0.61
Is the hot side will not be too small

- - - Updated - - -

Is not it too small for the size of the turbo

johnny g
14-09-15, 15:35
Co ludzie mówią , że trzeba iść do translate.google.com i tłumaczenia z języka polskiego na angielski. To może więcej sensu to nam pomóc.

(What people are saying is that you need to go to translate.google.com and translate from Polish to English. It might make more sense then for us to help you.)

19-09-15, 16:36
I use to run a GT3582R .82 AR, at 1.5bar it made around 550hp. The GTX3582R is suppose to flow up to 10% more so at 1.5bar you should see close to 600hp. I was happy with the .82 AR, the turbo was very responsive and the power curve continued to rise to the 7.2Krpm rev limit.

There's a dyno graph in my garage of the GT3582R at 1.3bar http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=58

Chris Wilson
02-02-16, 15:17
Choose your turbine housing size, fit, map and dyno. Measure boost and pressure in exhaust manifold before the turbo, ideally log them, but mechanical gauges and a pen and paper will do. THEN you have a good idea if the housing size is too small.

02-02-16, 18:16
I'm going to be opting for a GTX3582R on my VVTi. I've got some HKS 264s and a Syvecs S6 to go with it.

I think I'll be going for the 1.06 A/R housing. :thumbs: