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12-09-15, 22:20
Hi everyone I down have a supra but I do have a 2JZ GTE. Planning on dropping it in my 350z very soon. Bought it off the guy who was trying to do the same. Hopefully I can finish it! I'm in South East London by the way!

Unfortunately won't be doing a build thread as in a bit too busy with work but I will have plenty of pictures and dyno pics when it's all done. Not doing the work myself I'm having a mechanic do it all.

Thanks guys & girls wish me luck lol

12-09-15, 22:39
Fantastic, glad it'll still be around, I wanted to see it finished, unfortunate that that seller was unable to for whatever reason. Now get it done fast so u can post them pictures :-)

12-09-15, 22:41
Lol I will try my best mate apparently it was 10 days away from being finished!!!

12-09-15, 23:34
Best pay your membership fee, or your wanted list will get moderated!

12-09-15, 23:35
Membership fee? Let them delete it lol

13-09-15, 00:43
Membership fee? Let them delete it lol

The membership fee is 10 and your project is going to be interesting. You will get your 10's worth back just in knowledge and parts alone!

13-09-15, 09:01
I know I will get a lot from it but I'm trying to save every last bit of cash at the moment mate. Might not sound like a lot but it all adds up lol cheers though