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24-08-15, 21:19
Hi guys just joined, i have a 1993 toyota Supra spears and repair, all runs well and the only things it needs is a brake lines, rad and bumper, got it at a great deal of 100:), my intentions is to swap out the non turbo auto engine for a twin turbo monster, my question all you all is what is the best twin turbo engine the i could push to 400-600bhp with mods and what are the best brake lines and rad to buy and there are many on the market. Cheers!:)

24-08-15, 21:40
2jz gte with a mid size single turbo kit would easily make 600 bud oh and welcome :)

Hitbox Junkie
24-08-15, 21:56
erm the factory toyota 2JZ-GTE with single and aftermarket ECU to tune the single with bigger injecters will get you the horsepower your looking for any more than 700 your be looking at going built for reliability

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29-08-15, 22:59
cheers guys, great help ;)