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24-08-15, 11:49
Hi guys,

I'm from Leeds West Yorkshire, new to the forum, and thought I would show you some subtle progression with my Supra TT.
I had the car imported by Torque GT in March earlier this year. It is a 1995 Red Twin Turbo auto with 53,000 miles completely stock.

After collecting it from Devon, and returning home to Leeds I was slightly disappointed with the paint work. The import company had clearly had the bumpers, wing mirrors and door handles repainted before collection, however the colour was not a fantastic match.
The rest of the paintwork is completely untouched. I think i will eventually get the car repainted so it's perfect.

Non the less I have spent hours and hours carefully polishing the paintwork to remove all oxidised paint, and years worth of light scratches, swirls etc.

Once the polishing work was completed, I applied a ceramic coating to the paintwork. As original Supra paint is very soft and easily scratched, a ceramic coating was the best option for protection. Not only will it bead water and repel dirt like a wax, it also is scratch resistant and lasts between 18-24 months!

During this time the 16" wheels were removed and replaced with freshly refurbished 17" wheels, with 20mm spacers rear, and 25mm spacers up front. The new wheels have been sealed with wheel guard to prevent brake dust build up.

The callipers were also repainted red, and hubs repainted black to match the spacers.

The stock catback exhaust has been removed, and a Japspeed system replaced it.

I have also removed the original seats and steering wheel, and fitted some Sparco Evo 2 bucket seats, and OMP 350mm steering wheel.

That's as far as it's got for now. My intention is to lower the car, and go BPU.



Pictures to follow...

24-08-15, 11:59
I have edited your post slightly. To advertise a business on the forum you need to be an authorised Trader.

24-08-15, 17:21
Hi Nick, welcome, car looks lovely :)
We have a few supras in Yorkshire and a few members from Leeds too.
Have a look in the Yorkshire section of this forum, I also noticed your not a member, its a 10 fee or 30 for life, that cost alone pays for the savings you make when getting access to the for sale section :)
If your on facebook let me know your username and Ill add you to the Yorkshire Supra group.