View Full Version : Hello! its been 8 years but i want one again!

18-08-15, 22:21
Hi all. Ive been toying with the idea of getting another supra for around a year now but the sensible side of me....and financial didn't really allow me to proceed with it.
Unfortunately last fri my r33 skyline gtr was stolen and since then the modding community has really opened my eyes a bit how helpful they all were trying to locate it etc. But even tho i was in the process of actually selling the gtr its still left a bit of a void. As it looks like the gtrs gone for good i need a new toy but only have like 7-8k to play with ad im using the insurance money for other business uses. Last time i hhad a supe was around 8 years ago when i was around 21 so would be much cheaper to insure (less than my 600bhp skyline anyway) and i know these cars are reliable if looked after properly. I used to have a manual single turbo supra around 450bhp but im now looking at a normal tt most likely auto. So hopefully il be selling the audi a4 and getting myself a nice supra project! I think 400bhp should be enough as 600bhp was just a bit tooooo quick for the rd....and laggy. Be nice to see what twins are like to drive 

18-08-15, 22:24
Welcome mate. Was your skyline the one from Hemel that got robbed? Saw it on fb, not cool man :( any lucky on finding it?

18-08-15, 22:46
Yeah thats the one. Gutted. Police didnt even start enquiring about it till today. Its prob now in a crate somewhere as its not being sold on here. Even breaking it is risky business considering most ppl know the cars spec. Il miss the power but i prefer supra looks tbh

25-08-15, 17:23
. Il miss the power but i prefer supra looks tbh