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17-08-15, 12:47
Hey lads how are yeah. Been reading the forum a while, never signed up. Picked up my JZA80 6TT 2 months ago, looking for source some parts for it now. Just won an T78 greddy kit in the auctions on friday, got an fcon gold and few other parts. New TE37SL's on route also. Shes completely standard as of now. So yeah, hello :) also, how do i go about getting my subscription?

Cheers lads.

17-08-15, 19:39
Welcome DaveL,
Good to see more Irish with Supras!
What year is she? Any photos?
Sounds like you've big plans!
Also go to settings and then Paid subscriptions!

18-08-15, 14:49
Welcome Dave :) you got some nice parts on the way :cool: TE37s are a great choice. I'm on jdmdistro EVERY day at the minute lol, I'm keeping an eye out for a set of professors

19-08-15, 08:45
Yeah few nice bits on the way.. looking forward to my wheels coming more than anything else really. We had an ideal sel of supra fitment professor sp1s that went to states a few weeks ago. Fully polished, were gorgeous

19-08-15, 12:43
Hi Dave, sounds like your wallet has taken a serious hammering lately!

Best of luck with the project, in for pics.

19-08-15, 12:45
:welcome: to the club