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13-08-15, 21:17
Hi all,

First time poster from Cambridgeshire.

Have been looking at Supras for a while now and have finally got the money together, just need to find the right one!


13-08-15, 21:30
Welcome to the club Stuart :thumbs:

What kind of supra are you looking at?

13-08-15, 22:38
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the welcome.

I'm after a manual, other than that not too fussed! :cool: With the budget in mind I think a half decent NA is realistic, just keeping my eyes open for the right one. Almost bought one 2 years ago but the wife convinced me to spend the money on the house... been regretting it ever since lol

14-08-15, 09:09

this is very useful...... :)


14-08-15, 14:01
Thanks Matt - started reading this last night but think there is a few more nights of reading!

What is your opinion on posting Wanted adverts on the forum? I don't want to get caught out by paying too much for one just because I am eager and someone has chanced there arm... I know things are worth what people are willing to pay but still...

Thanks again.