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06-08-15, 03:41
Just got this car yesterday ... was running 15 psi sweet as and then the bloke i got it off put 750 cc injectors in it plus high flow straight through cat .. now the car is trying to boost to 20 psi but it only has a factory ECU and is boost cutting soon as it spikes past 15 psi and hits the 20 psi ... the car is a Auto and its pissing me off ... suggestions on how to fix this issue so i can run it at 20 psi with no issues and for it to not boost cut on me ... will a dyno tune solve this problem ... or would standard factory 440cc injectors suit my car and i will put them back in and a standard cat and try solve the issue that way .... need help and suggestions please ... if you know these motors inside out and genuine honest bloke who can help call me on my mobile number to talk ... 0400259830 .. names Adz ... im in south Australia Adelaide

06-08-15, 07:32
Have you got a boost controller fitted? That would be the first suggestion.
Secondly, has it still got the stock turbos? If so, you don't want to push them over 1.2bar otherwise you will blow them after a short while.
Perhaps an aftermarket ecu would also solve the problem.
Also, with the change of exhaust, it may be too free flowing and require a restrictor ring to help limit the boost and stop it spiking.

06-08-15, 07:41

07-08-15, 12:08
Ok thanks guys .. can yous suggest a shop for me to contact to buy the restrictor ring for the exhaust ... also i have had time to look over the car today and the bloke i got it from is a shit talking liar ... it does not have 750cc injectors it only has its factory 440 cc injectors and only has its standard catalyic converter on it and found out he has punched the guts out of the cat to hollow it out ... the car is totaly stock standard ... what psi Boost do yous suggest for me to run this car at ???

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07-08-15, 13:14
click on the highlighted bpu and all will be revealed ;)

08-08-15, 09:40
Thanks mate just had a look and got all info i need and also looked up a few other sites about the 2JZ-GTE Boost cut issues when cats are taken out .. got onto Whifbitz and placed my order for a HKS FCD - 1 Bar Restrictor ring and Hole size is 2 inch diameter for people wanting to know size of hole for 1 bar restrictor ring to solve there issues .. also ordered a Turbo smart single stage electronic gated boost regulator . Cost of all this is $350 delivered to my door but not sure if that is Australia $$$ or there currency in ..... i will check and let you all know as i know this is a constant discussion for people modifying there 2JZ- GTE JDM Style Cars and Motors whether it be Supra or Toyota Aristo