View Full Version : Cam cover specs/sequence

04-08-15, 18:38
:innocent: I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me find some info. I need to get the torque specs and sequence for my cam covers on my 95 mkiv tt. Can anybody stick this one?? Also I have read a lot about plug gaps lately. Most are saying .028 or so. My new Denso factory plugs all came gapped to .042. Toyota says leave them alone. My car is all stock. What should I do? Please and thanks!!!

05-08-15, 15:13
Dying for the pros to help on this one. I just bought my dream car and I don't want to put it together incorrectly. Help before summer is over!! Thanks

Big Mark
05-08-15, 17:01
Guessing you've not looked in the Repair Manuals section on the Home Page? I think torque is something like 5Nm (check the manual) and there is no sequence as far as I know.