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28-07-15, 19:59
Hi all

Have been here before but a few years ago, looking to get another supra and one has caught our eye....in Northern Ireland with to MOT (NCT)
How do we go about making this legal to drive back to UK? I assume it would be easier if seller put it through NCT as we would literally only be there that day to view and decide whether or not to buy

This is it...


Just nice to see one for sale that is not silver and within budget!

Any advice appreciated and apologies if am posting in the wrong place

28-07-15, 20:12
If you can convince the seller to nct it then great but id expect the price to go up, nct is pretty strict aswell iirc, Trade plates or trailor it if that fails trailor rental is cheap, mine cost 45 a day when i collected my shell with an 150 deposit, obviously get the 150 back aslong as the trailors returned as was.

tony tt
28-07-15, 20:38
As above if no NCT mate trailer it back. Preferably get it NCT'd before so you know at least it will pass.

28-07-15, 22:12
Thanks for that, Will see if he will NCT it, no point in travelling to view if not as makes things too difficult all round as were planning to fly over and drive it back, so trailer not really an option
Oh well the search will continue!