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24-07-15, 23:31
Well after a whirlwind 7 days of talking about starting a project with a mate of mine I took the plunge and bought a part built project car from these pages with the idea of turning in to a fun track day car as my daily driver was getting far too much attention and needed something to while away the hours other than hitting the bars.

It's funnily enough a mk1V Supra with a 2002 GS430 lump dropped in and running the lexus autobox. The current plan is to get the thing running and then bring it over to Northern Ireland where it can be then stripped right back and rebuilt. The next part of the build is to convert it to a manual and increase the power to circa 600hp as well as stripping as much weight off it as possible. The suspension and brakes have already been uprated.

So where I stand at the moment is a shabby looking motor in need of some money and plenty of time thrown at it to make a v8 fun track car. Having never owned a supra before I would take as much advice as I can get especially anyone undertaking v8 and or manual conversions.

I will post pictures as and when.

26-07-15, 20:16
Welcome dude, a few people have done it and those v8's do sound awesome.