View Full Version : New member, no supra but it's on my short list.

19-07-15, 14:31
Hi everyone, I am a new member but been looking at site for a while.
As title says I'm not a Supra owner but I'm hoping to have something soon (soon= next 3 months)
I say something as I'm toying between 3 cars

1: R34 gtr skyline
2: supra TT
3: Mitsubishi GTO TT

I know here I will get ppl saying supra, my list is in order of preference but also price :rolleyes:

The R34 is expensive but I feel a R33 would be a compromise a supra on the other hand is not and as a rear wheel drive I'm guessing more fun:p
The GTO is a car I've always loved but fragile and if I'm going fragile I may had we'll get a RX7

I've done the 4WD thing before with a ST185 GT-four celica played with to get 300bhp so another Toyota appeals to me as well as getting away from 4WD
Thanks for reading, sorry I haven't got a car ........yet 😃

19-07-15, 20:36
My old GT-four for anyone interested

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/07/509.jpg (http://s33.photobucket.com/user/gt4rhino/media/CIMG1740-2.jpg.html)

19-07-15, 20:45
I like that :)

It seems the GTO's have a really bad reliability record as they've got older and they were heavy? Brave pills possibly required before getting one depending on your diy spanner img ability.

The skyline 34's are a good looker and well respected, the prices have gone a bit silly I think and rumour has it their rust proofing isn't great.

there have been a couple of R34 owners on here who might have a more informed opinion.

10 Supras over the years for me so I'm not the best to ask for an objective view!

19-07-15, 20:49
Rob Wild had a R34gtr and obviously a Supra previously. He's had loads of other high performance cars and would be a good guy to give you a good insight into the pros and cons.

19-07-15, 21:46
Thanks scooter:
All the work on the GT-four was done by myself (bit of help with the metal head gasket and ARP stud job) but did the rest myself
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/07/510.jpg (http://s33.photobucket.com/user/gt4rhino/media/Photo-0033.jpg.html)
http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/07/511.jpg (http://s33.photobucket.com/user/gt4rhino/media/CIMG1724.jpg.html)
Couple of pics.
Pipe work for fmic all done by myself 300x600x100 squeezed behind a cs bumper fibre glass cs bonnet.
Also fully stripped out the seats and carpets and ran all wiring inside to put battery in the boot. (Had to make room for fmic hard pipe (3" all through)

Sorry this is a supra forum and I'm rambling on about a celica but at least it's s Toyota lol.

While R34 Is top of the list I think a well sorted supra would be 10K cheaper and just as good.

Would prefer manual but wouldn't say no to the right car if it was auto.
350 bhp+ then maybe play with it to add another 100
Had 300 in the celica so want more, also celica was a daily driver, this won't be

19-07-15, 23:35
We don't mind some general car chat, everyone has their own car history before Supras.

Which ever way you go, it's all about choosing a good one from the ever decreasing numbers. I know little about Skylines or GTO's but if you end up going for a Supra I may be able to help if you gave any specific questions. Best of luck with the hunting :)

20-07-15, 16:58
Welcome. :)

The R34s are undoubtedly a great car, but as has been mentioned they can and do rust. The RB26 engines are known to have relatively weak bottom ends, which is why most you will see will have had a rebuild at some point. I believe the R34 RB26 is supposed to be a little better though. The 6 speed getrag gearbox in the R34 is far better than the 5 speed in earlier cars, which have known syncro issues.

I wouldn't touch a GTO with a barge pole. ECU issues are well documented and very expensive to sort. They are also known for engine and gearbox issues.

Personally, I would be torn between an R32 Skyline GTR and a Supra. The R32 prices have been going up recently, and are set to go up further. They are also regarded by many as the purest, rawest of the later Skylines to drive. The Supra doesn't have the advantage of the GTR's AWD, but tuning and reliability wise the Supra is above the GTR and most other high performance cars. They are also aging incredibly well looks wise.

20-07-15, 21:51
Thanks that's all good info, I am swaying towards a supra, are the manual's as rare as they seem to be?
Autos pop up all the time.
How expensive is it to change a auto to a manual?

21-07-15, 11:42
There is a 'manual premium' which has really shot up in the last 3-4 years. The gearbox conversions are expensive 3-4K region for everything ie pedals and dash dials etc, then the transmission tunnel needs adapting etc, so not a small undertaking and generally makes the auto to manual conversion difficult to justify.

The only saving grace is it 'looks' like the prices are firming up and so despite the initial high cost you'll get it nearly all back on sale, but whilst I love the Supra I feel the value for money has worsened as supply has dropped and prices drifted up. The prices firming up or even slightly increasing means the rough ones get a leg up too so now more than ever getting a good one becomes important, as just like any old car a bad one can rapidly become a money pit.

22-07-15, 08:03
Thanks for the help guys.
Weighing up all the options I think I am viring towards the supra.

GTO was just because I always wanted one but I did know about the reliability issues. Also eventually I'm wanting to get to over 400bhp with what ever I get and I think the supra will be stronger at that than any thing else.

Just need the money now, 3 months or so I'm hoping. Once I'm in the position to buy I will be joining the forum and see who's selling what on here.
Thanks agai. See you soon