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17-07-15, 19:00
Hi Guys,

I'm Chris, new member from the Wirral. I've just bought a house and having watch a Supra sit with grass growing up around it on the drive of my parent's neighbour - i got it cheap and intend to restore it to glory.

I've not got any pics handy at the moment but it is a '93 non turbo in grey - engine has been rebuilt but done very little milage since. Runs like a dream, so thats a bonus - but the bodywork needs attention. A project post will be going up :)

Anyhows, thats me - i'm sure you will start seeing me pop up as i start to get involved in the forum.


18-07-15, 22:35
:welcome: looking forward to pictures and updates :)

15-04-16, 19:11
Okay, so i posted this thread when i first got this car last July - and it's been sat since needing an update. So - here is 9months worth of updates :P

The original intent for the car was a long term project, taking couple of years to do as the money became available...but who can have a supra sat on the drive and not get it on the road? So, the project picked up pace quick.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/572.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Project%20work.jpg.html)

Bought in a bad way, the car had been stood for about 3-4 years just degrading. It belonged to the son of someone who lived opposite my mum and dad, so i was seeing it all the time but had nowhere to put it - until i bought my house :sly: all of a sudden i had a drive and i made an offer...got it! Awesome price because they knew me and it was on MY drive.


http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/574.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/DSC_0924.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/575.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/DSC_0932.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/576.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/DSC_0929.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/577.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/DSC_0938.jpg.html)

So i needed to strip it back as far as possible and find out what needed doing. Beyond the obvious respray, the sills needed some attention, outer only though, the inner sills were good. So i got a friend of mine to get some plates on it. The intention was always to get a kit on it, so there was no need to be pretty - just needed to be done well.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/578.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Sill%20Patches%202.jpg.html)

Happy days, welding all done and the car is stripped down good to go for paint. So i bit the bullet, sold my E36 328, bought a crappy 400 volvo and in she went to the 'shop. I said they had about 6 weeks, and they gave me a great price too. Whilst it was in, i ordered a fiberglass OEM style kit from GRAMS, great quality too by te way - would recommend to anyone!
4 weeks later - bam! Done! Wow, what a job they did too. Repairs done (and well), Spray done, kit fitted.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/579.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20%203.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/580.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20%202.jpg.html)

So, mega happy with that, and after coming home from being away for 3 weeks - i loved it and straight away got to putting it back together. I'd already bought some XYZ Coilovers from VTEC Direct when i got the car. I had these on an Accord Type R previously and they are good bits of kit for the money! On they went - looking awesome and shiney :D Removed rear ARB too - I did it on my E36 and it works well to settle the back end in quick switchbacks and mid-box chuckers.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/581.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Coilover%20fitting%202.jpg.html)

Easter rolls by and i take a week of leave with the intention of getting it on the road that week - MOT booked for end of week, so that's the deadline...

I'd just been paid and with a little bonus in there too - it got spent. Wheels ordered - Japan Racing JR11 18x8.5F and 9.5R in ET30 all round. Tyres ordered - 245/35 fronts and 255/40 rears. Having spent the best part of a month trying to work out what offset/tyres would work considering the standard arches, it was a little bit of a dive in the dark.
Exhaust also got ordered from Whifbitz - the 3" twin box system with 2nd decat pipe. Shiney! :D

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/582.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20exhaust%203.jpg.html)

Front splitter came from Slouch Performance - Kaif who runs it is a top bloke and i can't give him enough praise for sorting a great price and getting it out to me quick.

And so...it's done - well it's on the road. There are a few things that will need ironing out over the next few paydays...but it runs like a dream. I work in South Wales and so my drive from the North West is through the awesome A-roads and it feels great, sharp as i could ask for. Rear ride height will be adjusted once i know the coilovers have settled a bit, but there is clearance there.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/583.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20and%20Fords%2032.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/584.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20and%20Fords%202.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/04/585.jpg (http://s594.photobucket.com/user/chreccles/media/Supra%20and%20Fords%2034.jpg.html)

16-04-16, 10:01
Looking amazing, glad to see one revived and back on the roads. Brilliant work done

16-04-16, 12:33
Great stuff! Well done!

17-04-16, 18:15
Nice :thumbs:

Ian Ian
17-04-16, 21:26
;) Well done good rescue :thumbs: that looks great, nice colour


17-04-16, 21:45
Good job, that's not just "grey", it's one of the rarest colors available; Anthracite 1A1, otherwise known as Monkey Sh!t Brown. :D

17-04-16, 22:40
Good stuff, nice restoration. Didn't know monkey shit was grey?

17-04-16, 22:49
Good job, that's not just "grey", it's one of the rarest colors available; Anthracite 1A1, otherwise known as Monkey Sh!t Brown. :D


20-04-16, 11:05
:welcome: Very interesting colour! And JR-11's suits the car :)

21-04-16, 09:32
Good stuff, nice restoration. Didn't know monkey $#@! was grey?

It's "anthracite" according to Toyota, which is a shade of grey.. But I don't see it either. :p