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13-07-15, 16:35
Hi guys.

Always been a fan of the Supra but never a true 'enthusiast'. I never really saw the appeal of them until I started reading a bit more about them. One day, in 2013 me and my friend David decided to buy a Supra that had been sitting around abandoned for over 5 years. We took a punt on it as we both knew the 2JZ-GTE was rock solid and fabled Japanese reliability meant we didn't have a great deal to be overly concerned with.

Anyway, we bought up a complete 'shed' (is that the terminology still being used?) and decided to make it road worthy once again. Here are some pictures.

Started life as a SORN'd car of 6 years and was in a very sorry state

It was a CAT C with rear left panel damage so we got a donor Supra and swapped parts over. The damage was not massive but unfortunately CAT C and over-eager insurance reps meant irreversible provenance on the car. Still, at least WE knew it would be solid and that's all that that mattered to us.


First things to do were timing belt change, transmission, engine fluid change, water pump, coolant and address the brakes.

Then painted it Matte Grey and put these deep dish wheels on. They are quite popular amongst the Supra crowd and give it a mean stance. We also fitted a boost controller and de-catted the exhaust. I have not dyno'd it but it pummeled my BMW M6 V10 in a straight line a few months ago on country roads. Either the M6 was weak and I bottled it or the Supra was better than we thought!

Gradually after a few months, it all came together and we ended up with this


















Plans? Repaint it - I like the metallic yellow or blue that the Yaris has - and maybe a manual conversion along with coil overs, some GS300 sport wheels (repainted white) and some 360mm ceramic brake discs from Germany from a German company called SICOM and 4 piston calipers all around. Also, a massive single turbo conversion or upgrade the two existing turbos? The boost is already quite scary so the idea of having a massive turbo and scaring the hell out of us isn't very appealing!
The plan is to give it mega BHP but also make it useable and 'friendly' to drive too.

Hope you guys like it. I know it's not as nice as some cars on here but it's still a car I'm proud of! :D

13-07-15, 20:05
Nice to see a UK spec being saved! Was this not for sale though?

13-07-15, 20:11
Great transformation, they grey paint and yellow caliper look great.

Admiral Donuts
13-07-15, 20:18
Are you on the M3Cutters by any chance?

I recognise this car from somewhere.

13-07-15, 21:06
Nice to see a UK spec being saved! Was this not for sale though?

Seen this on Facebook before. I believe the for sale ad received a bit of flack for claims of 450+ BHP, and the owner at the time said he couldn't wait to get rid of it because all Supra owners are, and I quote, "dicks".

I like the colour. I remember the original car (the Cat C...) being for sale yeeeears ago.

13-07-15, 21:23
Nice restoration and nice to see a UK spec Supra brought back to life :)

14-07-15, 01:02
Seen this on Facebook before. I believe the for sale ad received a bit of flack for claims of 450+ BHP, and the owner at the time said he couldn't wait to get rid of it because all Supra owners are, and I quote, "dicks".

I like the colour. I remember the original car (the Cat C...) being for sale yeeeears ago.

Thought I recognised it....that was a funny "advert"

14-07-15, 08:27
No longer for sale.

Had someone turn up, nearly wrote the car off trying to race someone in a new BMW M4 off the lights (as if you would in something that does not belong to you!!!) And then offered me a stupid price. At that point I just got fed up and decided it isnt for sale anymore as I did not want the hassle.

I never dynod the car. My friend told me it was 450bhp plus and I believed him. I would say it is around 360ish perhaps a little bit more. The decat and boost controller do help and its definately faster than a stock one we have raced and beat by a big healthy margin.

Do not like the auto box and its lack of control and modulation with the torque and boost but other than that it puts a smile on my face everytime.

We have found a supplier for ceramic brake discs in Germany too which I think wiĺl help with the front end turn in due to the weight reduction and eliminate brake fade.


We have some big money mods planned for this so watch out for updates guys. This car is going to be transformed!

08-10-15, 13:08
Ok so it was on sale for a few months but I had a load of time wasters so I took it off.

Me and my friend David now have plans to take it to near 1000 bhp or as much as we can until it goes pop :D

Check out this baby that we bought for it



Borg Warner S471 71mm turbo.

Those wheels are 15 x 8" for comparison purposes. We're hoping to put some drag type tyres on the back to stop us slithering into the nearest fence.

:D :D :D

08-10-15, 13:28
That's not a turbo this is a turbo

http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo199/dannybamba/Mobile%20Uploads/D790C63D-2319-4E9D-91D5-C8A556737776_zpsvacsunia.jpg (http://s375.photobucket.com/user/dannybamba/media/Mobile%20Uploads/D790C63D-2319-4E9D-91D5-C8A556737776_zpsvacsunia.jpg.html)

Wow can't wait to see how this turns out

08-10-15, 19:30
Hahaha you nutter!

What turbo is that?

I'm thinking of upgrading to an 85mm turbo set up down the line.

09-04-16, 11:28
Was going to sell it, but it looks like this may turn into a long term project now. The bug has bitten me again.

I may restore it to a standard factory finish on the outside and completely change the insides. Quite a lot of work to do but when time and funds allow, I'll keep adding to the project.

It may just end up looking like this


or a 'sleeper' like this


Wish me luck guys and if there is anyone in West Yorkshire I can lean on for support, I'd be more than greatful.

10-04-16, 00:27
what brakes are you using there then?