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09-07-15, 12:06
Hello to all members of mkivsupra club. :)

My name is Vladimir and I'm from Estonia. As English is my third language, there can be some mistakes in my sentences :D.

The reason I joined here is because I went further financially to making my childhood dream come true and wanted to find out more about the Supra. When I was 13, I saw one of the very rare Supras in my town and it eventually became to be my dream car.

As time past, I was making my money up and probably now, as 19 year old student, I'm very close to getting a good NA 93'-95' Supra, which is good as a first Supra. Sadly one in my town was pretty much dead, right now I'm trying to find a good NA for reasonable price.

The forum itself is freaking GOLDEN for new enthusiasts to find out new information for them. In few days of reading threads I doubled my knowledge of Supras and now have idea, how to buy the car, thanks to user "mawby", also the common problems about this car.

Would like to say THANK YOU guys for being here and making my dream more visible from technical side.

Have a good day and race safely.

Right now my car is:
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD 2003 year with 276k kilometers on odometer as second owner.