View Full Version : Hello looking to buy a TT supra in the near future!

03-07-15, 00:22
just thought i'd say hello and introduce myself! My names Dom i'm currently serving in the army(UK) and looking to buy a TT supra some time this year. I've had a few test drives so far and I cant wait to own one, plus recently helped my mate convert his Soarer with a supra engine and that is a absolute beast now. Anyway hopefully i'll get some good advice when i'm going to buy! I already read through the what to look for guide very useful!

03-07-15, 00:40
Moar on the Soarer!

03-07-15, 08:32
:welcome: good luck with your search :) they don't come up very often but you are in the best place to find a good example :)

Admiral Donuts
04-07-15, 10:03
Hey Dom,

Welcome to the forum and all the best with your search.